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We are Pawn Shops, Title Loan Providers and Jewelry buyers serving Phoenix and surrounding cities.

Stop by or call anyone of our 12 valley wide loan agencies for information on our Pawn Loans, Title Loans or to sell your items of value.


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  • 9825 N Metro Parkway E.
    602-944-2032 Details
  • 3505 E. Thomas Rd.
    602-808-9298 Details
  • 2415 E McDowell Rd.
    602-275-5996 Details


  • 550 W. Bell Rd. Ste 100
    602-688-7428 Details
  • 16810 N 19th Ave
    602-900-8008 Details



  • 3116 N. Scottsdale Rd.
    480-990-3739 Details


  • 234 W. Southern Ave.
    480-894-8666 Details


  • 450 N Country Club Rd.
    480-962-8888 Details



  • 848 N. Gilbert Rd.
    480-632-9000 Details


  • 203 N. Litchfield Rd.
    623-544-8000 Details


  • 13390 W. Bell Road
    602-688-7428 Details



  • 6394 W. Bell RD
    623-486-1200 Details


























Location pin 1Pawn1st Loan Center in Phoenix Arizona (I-17 & Dunlop)

Pawn1st Loan Center – 9825 N. Metro Pkwy E., Phoenix, Az 85051 – (602) 944-2032


Phoenix Pawn Shop, Title Loans, Jewelry Store and BuyerTop Title Loan Agency, Jewelry Buyer & Pawn Shop in Phoenix Arizona

The main Phoenix Arizona location of Pawn1st at 9825 North Metro Parkway East in Phoenix, consistently ranks as the best loan agency in Arizona– right alongside our other locations. We have worked for years to build the best staff and the best stores any were in Arizona and we are so proud that our customers recognize this! We are thankful for every customer and we show that in the way you’re treated here at Pawn1st: Whether you are here to pawn, sell, or get an auto title loan, we will always put YOU, the customer, first.

We Do It All….The Customer Wins!

We are the best pawn shop in Arizona because we pay out the most! When you bring something in to pawn or sell, we will give you the most money for the items — this means around 40 percent more cash in your pocket than you’d have with other shops. We have experts in gold and silver jewelry, diamonds, electronics, art, guns, antiques, and all highly valuable items right here on staff — and because our experts know precisely what an item will bring if sold, we know precisely how much we can afford to give you for it.

We are known as “Experts” because our employees have been through special training regarding title valuation and loan processing. This allows us to streamline the process for customers, quite often allowing you to have your money in just 30 minutes — and the vehicle is yours to use while the loan is out!



Location pin 2Pawn1st Loan Center in Phoenix (36th St. & Thomas)

Pawn1st Loan Center – 3505 E. Thomas Rd., Phoenix Az 85018 – (602) 808-9298

Street View - Pawn1st Pawn & Title Loans in Phoenix Arizona (36th St. & Thomas)

Fast Title Loans & Pawn Shop in East Phoenix Arizona

The Thomas Pawn1st is located at 3505 East Thomas Road, just west of 36th Street and Thomas Road. We are proud to be an asset to the city of Phoenix that is changing the way that people look at pawn stores. The Thomas location of Pawn1st in Phoenix is a large and beautifully organized store, and we make certain that it is always a pleasure to visit!


As you can tell from the moment you step into our Thomas Road Pawn1st, we are not just a standard pawnbroker. We are always happy to extend loans on your valuable items, but we are also buyers who will purchase your items outright if you prefer — and we always give the top dollar! Our average payment for your items is a full forty percent above what the other Phoenix pawn shops pay! We pay more because we know more: Each of our staff members goes through an intensive pawning and buying training program that ensures they are able to do the most accurate possible item valuations.

We are also title loan specialists that can make loans on just about any sort of vehicle. If you have the title for a car, truck, semi, boat, motorcycle, or any other motorized vehicle, we will be your provider.

Our Thomas road location is here for you anytime you need a quick loan or want to browse our selection of quality items like electronics, jewelry, computers, guns, and tools. Give us a call at 602-808-9298 or feel free to stop in to see us anytime!


Location pin 3Pawn1st Loan Center in Phoenix (24th St. & McDowell)

Pawn1st Loan Center – 2415 E. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, Az 85008 – (602) 275-5996


Phoenix Pawn Shop, Jewlery Store, Title LoanBest Central Phoenix Arizona Pawn Shop and Title Loan Agency.

We at Pawn1st are very honored that Arizona residents consistently call us a top lender in Phoenix! Since there are so many Central Phoenix pawn shops, we work hard every single day to make sure that we retain our status as top choice for a pawn shop inPhoenix. The way we look at it, pawn shops should be more than just a place where people buy and sell their items. We have been changing the image of Central Phoenix pawn shops and we continue to do so! Our Pawn1st stores are big, brightly lit, staffed by experts, and extremely well stocked with high quality merchandise of all types.

Customers Rank Us First For Our Customer Service!

We work to foster a true client relationship with every customer, and this translates into treating every person who comes to Pawn1st with respect and a welcoming attitude.

Another reason that our customers call Pawn1st the best of all the Central Phoenix is our pricing. We will, without fail, give you the best deal anywhere — it has been documented by our customers time and again! When you are selling or pawning items, this means you’ll get much more than you will anywhere else. We pay you what your items are really worth!

If you have electronics, jewelry (gold, silver, diamond, Native American, or nearly any type of jewelry!), guns, coins, tools, musical instruments, or any other item of value — or if you need some fast cash via a title loan — our three Phoenix area Pawn1st stores are ready to serve you! Come to see us at any of our Pawn1st locations.



Location pin 4Pawn1st Loan Center in Scottsdale Arizona! (Scottsdale Rd & Earl)

Pawn1st Loan Center – 3116 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale, Az 85251 – (480) 990-3739


Street View - Pawn1st Pawn & Title Loans in Scottsdale ArizonaShort-term Financial Services in Scottsdale Arizona

Pawn1st is proud to be recognized as the top pawn shop choice in the greater Phoenix area! Our Scottsdale Pawn1st store is located at 3116 North Scottsdale Road, right in the heart of Scottsdale. Our Scottsdale store reflects the vibe of the city where it’s located. Beautifully laid out, bright and clean store displays await you here — along with our staff of friendly experts who always put the customer first.


A Pawnshop, Buyer, Seller, and Title Loan Provider All In One!

Our Scottsdale location is far from the ordinary loan agency: We have worked extremely hard to establish ourselves as the leader in not only Scottsdale pawning, but also in buying and in sales. We have all your needs covered under one roof here in Scottsdale:

  • Pawning is easy and profitable for the customer here in Scottsdale: Bring us any item of value and we will extend a loan to you, using the item as collateral.
  • Selling is also easy and quick: Our staff is expertly trained at evaluating items of all types, from jewelry to guns to electronics and musical instruments and more. We know what items are really worth thanks to our extensive training, so we can afford to pay you, the customer, more. We will pay you top dollar, far more than any other pawn stores in Scottsdale or Phoenix.
  • Getting a Title Loan on an auto, truck, semi, boat, ATV, or nearly any motorized vehicle is easy and fast. As long as you have the title and own the vehicle, we will make you the best offer you’ll get anywhere in Az! At Pawn1st of Scottsdale, you get to keep using your vehicle, too!
  • Visit our Scottsdale store as a buyer to get the best deals in electronics, jewelry, art, antiques, guns, and more — you’ll usually save 50 percent or more off retail, and get an item in like-new condition!

We have items including firearms, coins, jewelry, DVD players, televisions, computers, boats, motorcycles, fine art, antique furniture, and fine items of all types. Stop by Pawn1st of Scottsdale to pawn, buy or sell some of the finer things in life today!



Location pin 5Pawn1st Loan Center in Tempe Arizona! (Southern ave. & Mill)

Pawn1st Loan Center – 234 W. Southern Ave, Tempe, Az 85282 – (602) 808-9298


Street View - Pawn1st Pawn & Jewelry in Tempe ArizonaTop Pawn Shop & Jewelry Store in Tempe Arizona

The Tempe location of Pawn1st is widely recognized as the number one title loan agency, jewelry store and pawn shop throughout all Tempe Arizona, and it has held that esteemed position since the very day we opened our doors for business. The way we approach our business is really very simple: Our customers ARE our business, and since customers make our business so successful, we will always go the extra mile to make you happy.

Making customers happy starts with the relationship we build with you. This is our first focus: Not just shuffling you in and out, never treating you like “just another customer”, but rather treating each person like a special new customer. The happy customers are the ones who will come to us again, and we will always be here to offer you the best deals.

We offer the best deals in many ways:

-We Buy Items For The Most Cash We strive to pay more than any other Tempe pawnbroker for the items we purchase, including electronics, musical instruments, gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, coins, guns, tools, and nearly any item of value!

-We Extend More on Pawn Loans – We also regularly loan about 40% more on pawns than the other Tempe lenders.

-We Sell Quality Items For the Best Prices – Since we make sure to buy quality items, we are able to offer these high quality gently used items at low prices. Our items are often in “like new” condition, but you will pay dramatically less than buying new — In many cases, you will pay half as much as you would by buying new!

If you are looking for a loan in Tempe, start by thinking about what you want in a shop. If top-notch customer service and the biggest cash payouts in Tempe sounds good to you, come to see us!


Location pin 6Pawn1st Loan Center in Mesa Arizona! (Country Club & University)

Pawn1st Loan Center – 450 N. Country Club Rd., Mesa, Az 85201 – (480)-962-8888


Street View - Pawn1st Pawn & Title Loans in Mesa ArizonaQuick & Easy Title Loans & Pawn Shop in Mesa Arizona

Pawn1st are well known in the greater Phoenix area as the best loan agency option, and we are proud of each of our locations! Our Mesa location, found just North of Country Club Drive and University Ave, is on North Country Club drive and is conveniently located for all of our Mesa area customers. At Pawn1st, it is our number one goal to provide the very best in customer service coupled with the best payouts in the whole area. We have earned our title as the best pawn shop in Mesa with hard work and dedication to the customer!

Pawn, Sell, Buy, or Get a Title Loan

Our Mesa location is not the average pawn store because taking pawns is only a part of what we do. We are the pawn store that does it all! For example:

  • If you want to get a loan on any item with value, we are happy to make that loan for you.
  • Should you wish to sell items of value, we pledge to pay you the top price in Mesa or the greater Phoenix area.
  • If you are short of cash and own your car or truck title free and clear, we will be glad to make you an offer, and you get to keep the car!
  • If you are looking for your next computer, a piece of fine jewelry, or electronics, you can come by our Mesa Pawn1st to browse our great selection of merchandise at super low prices.

Items Of Every Type

Our Mesa location makes loans on, buys, and sells items of all types including gold, platinum, silver, electronic devices, tools, watches, guns, musical instruments, DVDs and Blu-rays, antique furniture, fine art, even vehicles like motorcycles and boats. If the item has value, it can get you fast cash from Pawn1st! We are best known for paying out tremendously more than other pawn stores — Normally you will walk out with 40% more money by coming to Pawn1st Mesa. We give top dollar for your top items every day!


Location pin 7Pawn1st Loan Center in Gilbert Arizona! (Gilbert Rd. & Guadalupe) 

Pawn1st Loan Center – 848 N. Gilbert Rd., Gilbert, Az 85234 – (480) 632-9000


Street View - Pawn1st Pawn & Title Loans in Gilbert ArizonaThe One & Only Pawn Shop in Gilbert Arizona also offering Title Loans

We are so proud to be the only pawn shop in Gilbert! The Gilbert Pawn1st is the newest of our locations, and we are especially proud of the beautiful, airy, and bright new store that we have built. The crossroads are Guadalupe Road and Gilbert Road, we’re easy to spot, sitting right in front of the Goodwill.

Pawning, Buying, Sales, and Title Loans

We are your full-service pawnbroker who actually counts pawnbroking as only one of a full menu of customer services. Our PawnBroker experts are also trained experts in other areas. Our services include:

If you need to borrow money using your item of value (anything from jewelry to electronics to tools) as collateral, we will be happy to make a loan to you.

If you have some items you want to sell for fast money we will quickly evaluate your items and make you a cash offer. Gilbert Pawn1st and the other area Pawn1st locations always pay out the most cash because we have highly knowledgeable experts staffing our store. Our buyers know how much your items are truly valued at, and this means we can pay you more.

Auto Title Loans:
If you need a loan on your motorized vehicle of any type, the Gilbert Pawn1st is here for you! Just bring your free & clear vehicle title in to find out how much you qualify for! We even let you keep the vehicle while your loan is being repaid.

The Gilbert Pawn1st is a fantastic source for the newest and best in like-new electronics, guns, gold coins, fine jewelry, antiques, tools, and nearly anything you might be looking for. We have the same high quality items that you can buy new elsewhere — but here you will pay a much lower price than you would buying brand new.

We are known as the best in Gilbert for a few different reasons: Yes, we pay out more than anybody else but we also really stand out in client services. We believe in treating every person like a valued client and friend. Unlike other titled vehicle loan and pawn stores, at the Gilbert Pawn1st we build relationships and will make sure every client is treated right. We look forward to seeing you here!


Arizona Title Loans in PhoenixPawn1st Loan Center in Goodyear Arizona! (Litchfield Rd. & Van buren) 

Pawn1st Loan Center – 203 N. Litchfield Rd, Goodyear Az, 85395 – (623) 544-8000


Avondale and Goodyear Arizona Pawn Shop Jewelry Store and Title Loans

Great Deals & Multiple Loan Options!

Located in Goodyear, Arizona, Pawn1st is a full-service buying and loan center. In addition to offering a vast selection of products for the shopper who loves a treasure hunt, we also provide valuable services to our customers who need a little help with dealing with day-to-day financial dilemmas.


Our Shop

Our shop is clean, well-organized and stocked with an exciting array of goods. While our particular selection changes daily, we often have top brand name watches, fine jewelry, guns, art, antiques, electronics and even motorcycles and off-road vehicles. We offer a comfortable shopping area so that you can come in and browse to your heart’s content.

Pawn or Sell to Us

If you have items sitting around in the garage or attic that you are not using, why not bring them to us for some quick cash in your pocket? We are more than happy to offer a cash price if you’re looking to sell, or we can hold your item as collateral with a pawn loan and you can pick your item back up later down the road—the decision is yours.

Other Financial Services

In addition to offering pawn loans, we have other financial services as well. Our title loans have simple, easy-to-understand terms that are designed to help you pay back your debt and get back to square one quickly and easily. Whether you own your car outright, or you have paid a portion of the total value of a bank-owned car, we can hook you up with a loan that will meet your needs perfectly.

No matter what you are looking for, Pawn1st is here for you. If you would like to learn more about our services or inquire as to whether we have a particular product in stock, do not hesitate to call or contact us for more information—or just come visit! We cannot wait to serve you!


Arizona Pawn Shops in PhoenixPawn1st Loan Center in Phoenix (7th Ave & Bell Rd.)

Pawn1st Loan Center – 550 W. Bell Rd Ste #100 Phoenix, Az 85023 – (602) 688-7428


Street View - Pawn1st Pawn & Jewelry in Phoenix Arizona (7th Ave & Bell Rd.)

Dedication to Quality pawn shops and auto title loans!

Pawn1st is known throughout Arizona for our excellent customer service and dedication to quality. This location is no exception. This is one of our best stores for customers looking for a great deal!

Stocked with the latest gear, we offer bargains that can’t be beat. You will never know what to expect when you walk in the door but our shop often offers name brand watches, games and game systems, small vehicles, sports memorabilia, antiques, collectables, art and other products. You will not find a selection like ours anywhere else around town.

Pawn1st is also a great destination if you are looking for a perfect piece of jewelry. We employ a number of experts who are happy to work with you and help you pick the perfect piece for yourself or for someone you love. Our selection changes daily, but you know you will find quality products on our shelves and in our cases.

If you find yourself in a financial bind, maybe you’d like to stop by and offer your product for sale or as collateral on a pawn loan. As you can tell by our selection, we are open to just about anything. If you own it outright and it holds value, give us a call or contact us—we may be able to work with you to get you that loan you need.

Whether you’re a buyer, seller or just need a short term pawn loan, Pawn1st is here for you. We are happy to serve the North Phoenix area and we will always strive to be the very best pawn shop and jewelry store in the area—bar none.


locations-pin-10Pawn1st Loan Center in Glendale Arizona (63rd Ave & Bell Rd.)

Pawn1st Loan Center – 6394 W. Bell Rd., Glendale, Az 85308 – (623) 486-1200


pawn1st pawn shop, jewelry store, title loans, glendale az

Premier Pawn Shop and Title Loans in Glendale Arizona

Pawn1st is pleased to now serve the Glendale Community, providing our outstanding services such as our preferred lending options and unparalleled retail experience. Pawn1st in Glendale Arizona is conveniently located on Bell Rd and 63rd ave. The Most Innovative business serving the Valley of the Sun. We would like to welcome you to experience this beautiful, bright and smartly organized store where treasures of all types await you at unbeatable prices. Our professional and expertly trained staff will greet you with a smile and provide lending and retail experiences that cannot be matched by all industries. We pride ourselves on our finely trained staff, which is hand chosen for their bright and helpful personality and enthusiasm to provide the very best customer service. Pawn1st staff members lead the way in giving all our customers their undivided attention as well as educating them on the best lending options to suit their needs that Pawn1st provides.

Fine Retail, Pawn Loans, Personal Loans, Title Loans and Buying Valuables

At Pawn 1st you can get it all done under one roof saving valuable time and the hassle of visiting several businesses to get what you need done. Pawn 1st pays top dollar for unneeded valuables, removing the hassle and safety concerns of typical yard sales and popular Internet sites to sell your items. If you need fast cash but do not want to sell your items Pawn1st offers collateral based loans giving you more money than any other pawn shop around. Obtaining a loan from Pawn1st is a quick and simple process separating us from others in this industry. We offer the lowest rates in the Valley coupled with the best, most knowledgeable Loan Officers who surpass even the most well known traditional banks and financial institutions. After putting extra cash in your pocket there is no need to go anywhere else to purchase any variety of items. The retail experience of Pawn1st exceeds traditional retail stores with our variety, having pretty much anything you could want or need under one roof and at outstanding prices! Why pay almost triple the price at a retail store when Pawn1st can cater to all your retail needs while saving you substantial amounts of cash with our unbeatable prices for new and used items offered at our stores. Pawn1st is recognized as the best in Phoenix because of our determination to adhere to standards of quality and integrity while serving our customers with a genuine smile and a feeling of satisfaction that is the foundation of the relationships built with all our customers. This is part of what makes us different and what has earned the loyalty of Phoenix residents utilizing our quality services.


Surprise Title LoansPawn1st Loan Center in Surprise (Bell Rd. & Grand Ave)

Pawn1st Loan Center – 13390 W. Bell Road., Surprise, Az. 85378 – (623) 500-2244


Street View - Pawn1st Pawn & Title Loans in Surprise ArizonaTitle Loan Provider and Pawn Shop in Surprise!

Pawn 1st Loan Centers in Surprise Arizona is the area’s top choice for all your lending needs. The large, inviting store offers something for everyone—whether you are looking to put a few extra dollars in your pocket or you want to shop around our selection of unique and interesting products.

Our Pawn Shop

Step in the front door of our Surprise, AZ store and prepare to be wowed. Our jewelry store area offers both brand name pieces and more unique designs. We also carry the latest electronics, guns, DVDs, musical instruments, tools and small motorized vehicles.

If you are looking to sell something the easy way, we are happy to purchase your items outright or we can offer a pawn loan to get you through a tough time. Our pawnbrokers can help you get started and leave that day with the cash you need.

Our Auto Title Loan

The Surprise, AZ location also offers short term titled vehicle loans as well. These loans can help you get the most for your car title. We have excellent repayment terms that are designed to help you get out of debt more quickly and get out of the repayment cycle.

As you can see, Surprise location is an excellent alternative to the typical loan agency. Stop in to chat with one of our financial specialist or just check out what new products we have for sale on the pawn shop side. We can’t wait to see you soon!

With 11 PAWN1ST ARIZONA LOCATIONS, One of our Pawn Shops are always close with the instant cash loans!!!