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We are highly established Arizona Pawn shops with locations in Phoenix, Surprise, Gilbert, Glendale, Mesa, Scottsdale, Goodyear and Tempe. Our 12 locations are filled with high paying loan professionals setting the standard in the pawn industry. With our superior customer service and knowledgeable staff, getting TOP DOLLAR for your valuables has never been easier. Rest assured, our we will always give you the most amounts of cash for your valuables. We not only offer pawn loans but buy and sell jewelry, gold, silver, platinum, electronics, musical instruments, cars, ATV’s, DVD’s, all tools, art, antiques, collectables, audio equipment, knives, and pretty much anything else of value. We also purchase entire private estates. We pay top dollar every time! COME SEE US TODAY! 

What do I need to pawn my valuables?

  • Bring in your item of value to any location
  • Bring in your valid ID
  • Walk out with CASH in minutes





What is a Pawn1st Pawn Shop?

Basically you bring in an item and we give you a 90 day loan based on the value. It’s that easy!  If your loan goes longer than 90 days we offer the option of renewing the loan. You can renew your loan as many times as you want. You also have the option to sell the item outright. Some days are more hectic than others, especially when dealing with your money, so we do everything in our power to relate to our customers needs by buying and loaning on just about anything as well as providing superior customer service and the highest payouts in the industry on Gold/Silver & Platinum Jewelry, Electronics, Art, Antiques and pretty much everything else. More and more people are turning to us for fast and easy loans because it is very hard to get a loan anywhere today even with good credit. Most of our staff has at one time or another pawned something of value. It is one of the questions we ask when hiring our team members. We want our pawnbrokers to be able to relate to as many situations as possible so that your experience with us is comfortable and easier than if you were getting a loan somewhere else. One of our main goals, aside from paying top dollar, is to change the entire image many people have of pawn shops. We offer a professional and welcoming atmosphere at all times and our superior customer service is our main priority. Come see us today if you are in immediate need of cash. We also have unbeatable deals on quality pre-owned merchandise.













How a Pawn Shop Works

Have you been thinking about visiting a pawn shop but feel unsure about exactly how it works? At Pawn1st, we make it simple: We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the cash payments they need, just when they need the money the most. Our top priority is building a relationship with our customers, because we believe in doing business the right way! This is what makes us really stand out from the pack.

Although we do make loans on your merchandise, purchase items of value, and sell high quality items at low prices, we are not your typical pawn lender. Pawn1st is the best in the area because we are a lender with a twist! We put customer service as the top priority here, and we make sure that each person who walks through our doors is treated with respect and understanding. We pay the most cash for your items and we treat our customers the way we want to be treated ourselves: At Pawn1st we believe that respect is a great way to build a relationship!

The way that we work here at Pawn 1st is very simple. If you are in the market to buy items like gold jewelry, electronics like computers or big screen TVs, guns, diamond jewelry, musical instruments, antiques, coins, watches, or just about any other valuable or collectible item, we are your best first source. You can visit our locations to browse a huge collection of top quality merchandise at prices that will undercut any of the big retailers out there by a huge margin. We acquire top quality merchandise, so that is exactly what we sell: Top quality items at rock bottom prices!

If you need fast cash, you have two options: You can either get a loan on the item or sell the item to us. If you choose to get a loan on the item, we will store your item as collateral in our storeroom. When you take a loan against an item, it is exactly that: A loan. Your item will be safely stored until the loan is repaid, at which point it will be returned to you in the exact condition you brought it to us in.

If you need the maximum amount of money immediately, you may opt to sell an item to Pawn 1st. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in determining the value of virtually any items that we are presented with, so we can give you an offer immediately in most cases. We strive to pay out more cash than anyone else in Arizona!


The History of Pawn Shops

It may be fairly common knowledge that as Phoenix Pawnshops at Pawn 1st, it is our job to provide loans, purchase items, and sell quality used merchandise — but not too many people know how far back the profession really goes! Did you know that pawnbroking has been around for thousands of years? The loan of money on portable types of collateral is one of the oldest and most established of professions, and the pawnshops of today like our seven area Phoenix area locations of Pawn 1st are the modern evolution of a very ancient way of doing business!

As far back as 3000 years ago, there were pawn specialists in Imperial China, for example. In Ancient Greece and Rome there was also collateral based loan businesses, much like the ones today. There might have been, for example, a single person who would extend loans based on an item: The item would serve as the collateral for the loan. The lender and the borrower would enter into an agreement about the loan repayment. A specific period of time would be set as the repayment period, and the borrower would then make payments on the loan during the designated period. At the end of that period, once the loan was repaid in full, the lender (the pawn broker) would return the item that was securing the collateral loan. If the loan was not repaid as agreed upon and the borrower made no good faith effort to repay the loan in full, the item that served as collateral could then be sold in an attempt to recover the amount of the loan that was not repaid.

As the years passed, pawn brokers continued to operate through all societies, being there to serve as a financial solution for people who need money quickly but were unable to get the money through other sources. Pawn brokers at have long been an ideal solution for people who do not have good credit ratings, people who don’t have the ability to get loans from the traditional sources like family, friends, banks and credit unions, and people who are in need of money fast and can’t waste days or weeks on loan applications.

At Pawn1st we are proud to be part of the new age of collateral loan specialists. We are much more than the traditional lenders were in ancient times. Today Pawn1st offers pawnbroker loans, Title Loans, and we buy items of all types. We will give loans on or buy gold jewelry, diamonds, electronics, musical instruments, antiques, tools, and virtually any item that has monetary value. We also serve as a retailer of fine merchandise at all our Arizona locations. We have the same top end electronics, tools, and jewelry that high end retailers have — at a fraction of the cost! We at Pawn 1st are proud to be the 21st century evolution of the collateral pawn loan.

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