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Pawn1st is a leading art buyer art seller and art lender in the Phoenix Arizona area with 12 valley locations to serve you. We are Arizona Pawnbrokers that deal in many forms of art from historical pieces to modern day creations, from paintings and sculptures to mixed media art. We concentrate mostly on local, regional, national, and Internation listed artistes. When visiting our centers you will be greeted with superior customer service, knowledgeable professionals and a clean well organized company to match. Our pawnbrokers are well trained with resources that are far superior to other establishments. We will evaluate and store your pieces with unmatched professionalism and care. Call and make an appointment as we have private viewing rooms at most of our locations however you are welcome to stop by anytime.


Another advantage

Another superior aspect of Pawn1st is the manner in which we secure and handle your valuables. We take this aspect of our company very seriously and want you to be completely comfortable when choosing to do business with us. If you are looking to acquire a loan on art, buy art or sell art, Pawn1st is a company that can fully accommodate you and your valuables at any of our Arizona locations. Pawn1st is a well established business with no cash limits. Come see us today!


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Pawn1st is a leading art buyer, art seller and art lender in the Phoenix Arizona area. However, the practice of art lending and buying isn’t quite as widely known as more common forms of pawning. But what constitutes “art” in the context of pawn shops? Art to us doesn’t just include paintings. It’s also sculptures, mixed media, drawings, architecture, ceramics, photography, and other forms of expression. These pieces can range from historical creations to contemporary works. They can come from artists at local, regional, national, and international levels.

Since many are new to this process, our pawnbrokers provide superior customer service to help you get the most out of your experience. With extensive training and unmatched professionalism, our pawnbrokers are highly qualified to evaluate each piece brought to our center.

Unlike art loans– where clients put forth a work of art in exchange for a loan– art sales are more permanent, but also more profitable. Since these kinds of exchanges are much more permanent, we recommend you weigh all the pros and cons before going through with the transaction. Moreover, don’t be afraid to ask our knowledgeable pawn brokers about loan alternatives to weigh your options accurately. Each of our 10 Arizona locations features a private viewing room, so we can offer full privacy and professionalism in the evaluation process.

Once our art buyers evaluate your proposed piece, they’ll make an offer to gain full rights to it in exchange for an agreed-upon sum. If you changed your mind later and wanted the piece back, the only way to do so would be by buying it back at the pawn shop you sold it to.

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