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As a leader in the Gun Buying Industry, Pawn1st is dedicated to giving you a top dollar price every time. Each one of our 12 Pawn1st locations in Phoenix Arizona, and surrounding areas are equipped with a Federal Firearms License as well as an experienced professional staff to serve you. Our gun buying pawnbrokers are educated and trained in this vast industry, most being avid shooters with a natural love for guns. When visiting a Pawn1st pawn shop you will receive an accurate top dollar price for your firearms and related items as well as superior customer service. If you are looking to buy, sell or need a quick loan you will receive VIP treatment every time and will receive the highest payouts possible at Pawn1st Pawn Shops. Come see us TODAY!

Need a Loan?

We buy, sell and loan on all brands of firearms such as Springfield Armory, Smith & Wesson, Glock, Colt and hundreds more, from hand guns and rifles to other hunting items such as compound bows and knives. Rare guns like the Winchester 1873 and Barrett M82 A1 come through our doors on a regular basis. You can feel secure in the fact that we always pay top dollar and treat your property with respect and professionalism. Our gun buyers take the firearms aspect of the business extremely serious and abide by all State and Federal Laws. We Loan on and buy firearms at any of our Arizona locations but sell all guns on Auction (All potential gun buyers are required to pass a background check when purchasing firearms from Pawn1st.) Rest assured the security and high value of your items are a top priority at Pawn1st pawn shops and we will give you top dollar every time. Come see us Today!

Most common brands:

    • Glock
    • Smith & Wesson
    • Colt
    • Winchester
    • Ruger
    • Taurus
    • Remington
    • Bush Master
    • Sig
    • Marlin
    • Beretta
    • Browning
    • CZ
    • Charter
    • DPMS
    • H & R
    • H & K
    • High Standard
    • Ithaca
    • Kel-tec
    • Kimber
    • Luger
    • Mauser
    • Mossberg
    • New England
    • Norinco
    • Olympic
    • Para Ordnance
    • Infield
    • Rossi
    • SKS
    • Savage
    • Springfield
    • Steyr
    • Tikka
    • Walther

Reasons to Buy, Sell, or Acquire a Loan at Pawn 1st:

  • We can tell you all about your gun including its Top Value.
  • We can turn your gun into instant cash 99.9% of the time.
  • We can buy it out right or take it in as collateral for a 90 day loan.
  • Our security is so stringent that your gun is safer here than in your home
  • We are “Arizona free citizens” therefore we are highly familiar with guns and the industry.
  • We do background checks on all potential gun buyers.
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